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Sipp™ Stainless Steel Drink Bottle 16oz

Stainless Steel
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Steel Black

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  • Thermos™ vacuum insulation technology for max temperature retention
  • Durable double wall stainless steel
  • Exterior stays cool to the touch with hot beverages and sweat-proof with cold
  • Smooth flow lid helps control the flow of warm liquids
  • Push button lid with locking ring is leak-proof when lid is assembled properly and locked
  • Product Size (W x D x H): 2.8" x 3.2" x 9.7"
  • Base Diameter: 2 1/2"

Product description

The Sipp™ Drink Bottle is sleek and modern, a genuine fit for today’s busy woman who needs to stay energized on the go. Stylish and sturdy, it is functional with a feminine touch. This eye-catching vacuum insulated drink bottle holds 16-ounces of your favorite beverage. Maximum temperature retention means that your cold drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours and your hot drinks stay hot for up to 12 hours. The push button lid with locking ring is leak-proof when lid is locked and assembled properly. Keeping hydrated is easy no matter what you’re doing.

Item numbers

Steel-black: NS402BK4


Mia - October 15, 2018
Excellent design but wore out quickly
I bought a Sipp Thermos about a year and a half ago, and have always liked the design: a bit taller than some of the other models out there, with excellent insulation that kept my coffee piping hot. You can't drink from the lid, but I prefered to pour into a mug anyway, and it's easy to slip into side pockets or cupholders (which is sometimes challenging with other models).
Unfortunately, about a week ago, I realized that the top wasn't screwing in right. It turned out that the plastic ridges that allow it to be securely closed had begun to break off. For a couple of days I kept using it (being extra careful to keep it upright), but eventually too many came off and it ceased to be usable (spilling coffee all over my backpack in the process). I wonder if accumulated coffee acidity wore away at the ridges, which were always very difficult to clear because of the vacuum design of the cap. I would still recommend the product, just keep in mind that it may only last you a year or so of daily use.
Squeeker - September 09, 2018
Awesome product.
I have 6 left bought 12 several years ago and gave a couple out to close family and friends, had to order a couple of lids (12 ea) so cheap thru thermos, The base will last forever so just have extra lids on hand, I don’t use anything but these, they have seen some rough times!
Clara S - August 12, 2018
Better than that other brand
I had purchased a popular brand and used it for a while. My daughter wanted to be like mom so I got her a Thermos for kids. I was always amazed at how her Thermos satyed cikd and the ice would keep all day long, while my expensive other brand didn’t stay cold for ling and the ice always melted quickly. I was healous of my kids waterbottle! I decided enough was enough and bought my own Thermos. What a game changer!!! My ice stays not only all day but even until the next morning!!! My water is always cold. So much easier to flip the top instead of unscrewing the top and rescrewing it back on. I now only use my Thermos water bottle, living in Las Vegas and it being 110 all the time. , ice cold water is always needed. I plan on purchasing another and have told others to ditch the popular brand and get the quality brand.
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