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Guardian Food Jar 18oz

Stainless Steel
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22 hours
9 hours

Guardian Food Jar 18oz


Product Features

  • Thermos™ vacuum insulation technology for temperature retention
  • Includes integrated spoon
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)

Dishwasher Safe

Integrated Spoon

Vacuum Insulated

Product description

The 18oz Stainless Steel Food Jar from the GUARDIAN COLLECTION BY THERMOS ensures that on-the-go meals maintain temperature for hours. Features a two-stage pressure release stopper and trusted Thermos™ vacuum insulation technology to keep food fresh as you take on the day.

  • Built in serving bowl
  • Folding spoon included
  • Sweat-proof exterior
  • Product Size (L x W x H): 4" x 4" x 7.1"

Item numbers

Slate Blue: TS3029DB4


Kallie - December 29, 2020
super sturdy and no leaks
My hubbie loves this thermos food jar! He has been taking lunches to work and most times, no matter how we seal things, it leaks in his lunch kit. Not now...with thermos food jar!! It has a really tight seal and nothing has leaked since he started using it. Very pleased with the entire thing. The sturdy spoon is a fabulous addition. Folds up neatly and fits in it's own little space. The entire thing is very well made. The removable bottle is great for extra little things, like crackers or fresh mix-ins for whatever is being taken for lunch that day. Super pleased and now I want to get a few more for trips.
Mel - December 29, 2020
leakproof durable food jar
This thermos is amazing. I forgot how awesome it is to have a thermos since I was a kid with a lunchbox. This has brought back some great memories and now that I am adult I can use it for soup, stew, broth, chili, basically anything I feel like bringing to eat on the go and it will stay HOT! the little foldable spoon really ups the thermos game too. There is even a detachable bowl, so I don't have to eat my lunch like a caveman. I really love this thermos- and the best part, unlike my lunchbox one from childhood, it does not leak all over the place. I literally trusted it enough to throw in my $300 purse. I knew it was safe from the spills and havoc of any other type of portable food packaging. if you like to bring lunch to work or camping, this is a must have for sure.
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