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Stainless King™ Stainless Steel Food Jar 16oz

Stainless Steel
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14 hours
9 hours




  • Thermos™ vacuum insulation technology for max temperature retention
  • Durable double wall stainless steel
  • Sweat-proof for dry, happy hands
  • Wide mouth is easy to fill, eat from and clean
  • Built-in insulated serving bowl and full-sized stainless steel spoon
  • Product Size (W x D x H): 3.7" x 3.7" x 5.5"
  • Base Diameter: 3 7/8"

Product description

The Stainless King™ 16-ounce Stainless Steel Food Jar rules for taking the food you love anywhere. Keep fresh fruit and vegetables cool for up to 14 hours while you take on the day. For your favorite hot soups or oatmeal, every sip stays piping hot for up to 9 hours. Your options are endless. Count on Thermos™ vacuum insulation to keep weather out and the delicious in. It’s easy to fill, easy to clean and comes crowned with a built-in serving bowl lid. As a bonus, you get a full-sized folding stainless steel spoon that fits right into the lid.Thermos® makes high performance and durable food jars fit for a king – or queen. Constructed with double wall stainless steel, this insulated food jar is durable and designed to have a contoured shape that’s easy to grip.

Item numbers

Cranberry: SK3000CRTRI4, Midnight-blue: SK3000MBTRI4, Matte-steel: SK3000MSTRI4, Army-green: SK3000AGTRI4


aprilkat - October 05, 2018
soup for school
This works great!!! I have a 5 year old who is obsessed with wanting to take soup to school for lunch. She has loved this and because the spoon is right with it there is no forgetting and mom getting told about it. It keeps it at just the right temperature that she likes it. I can see her taking soup for the last 2 weeks of school. Now her dad is jealous and wants one too. You know usually it’s the other way around. He plans to “borrow” hers after school lets out. Hopefully he doesn’t get caught.... nothing worse than a 5 year old catching you using her stuff lol
blutoof - October 05, 2018
Thermos stew!
This 16 oz thermos is amazing! I have struggled to find a way to keep my coffee hot during long car rides and have now found the solution. It not only works with coffee, I can also take along my favorite beef and vegetable stew for later! The spoon that comes inside folds in half and is not a flimsy, cheap spoon; it is well made and makes you feel like you grabbed a regular spoon out of your kitchen drawer. I like that this thermos is wider around than it is tall, which makes the food easier to eat. I have shown my thermos to my friends/ family who all ask where I got it and want to borrow it!
Jenn - October 05, 2018
Thermos 16oz Stainless King™ Food Jar with Spoon
What will they think of next? The little collapsible spoon that comes with this Thermos 16oz Stainless King™ Food Jar is ingenious. No more accidentally forgetting your spoon! The stainless steel thermos itself is a good size, not too big, not too small. Perfect for some soup, fruit, etc. Hot and cold options are endless. It feels like a sturdy container and it's quite attractive, and I love that it's leakproof. It claims to keep hot food hot for 9 hours, and cold food cold for 14 hours. I haven't had the opportunity to have the need to test out either one of these claims yet. The instructions say for best results, that if you're going to put hot food in it, to fill it with hot water prior to adding food (empty out the water of course before adding your food) to give it some extra thermal retaining "power". Do the same with cold water if you will be adding cold food to it. I feel like the price is slightly steep for a food container, but if it does in fact keep food hot and cold for as long as it claims to, then I would say it's worth it.
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