Better Fresh than Sorry

There are enough dangers in this world without worrying about sippy cups. Moms, meet the Thermos Foogo Brand - the first insulated baby products to actually inhibit bacteria growth by keeping food and drinks the right temperature. And with a nifty lid system that grows with kids. That's one or two less things to worry about.


Thermos Foogo Brand

Grows with kids

Finally, drink-ware that gets it, with interchangeable parts to fit your kids next phase of life.


Lab tests shows that Thermos Foogo products inhibit germ growth.

Non-slip, scratch resistant base

We know kids, a little too well.

Thow 'em a curve

Thermos Foogo products were designed with a contoured body for little hands and a soft spout for sensitive gums.

Cold drinks for cool kids

Our Thermos® double wall vacuum insulation technology makes for durable outside and a temperature regulated inside. So juice stays cool for hours.


Megan's Story


Mom, at the speed of life

Like a lot of moms out there, Megan’s days are all about multi-tasking. Games, homework, her own work…and constantly thinking about what kind of parent she wants to be. Check out Megan’s story here.