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Pack a “Green” School Lunch with Thermos®

Long considered a trusted partner by parents in providing convenient lunch options for kids, Thermos® also makes it possible for environmentally conscious parents to reduce the unnecessary waste from their child’s lunch. It has been estimated that one school-age child using disposable lunch materials creates an average of 67 pounds of waste per school year*.

Packing individually wrapped food or using disposable materials can be a convenient way for parents to save time in the morning, but the environmental cost of this daily waste is adding up in overflowing landfills across the country. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, containers and packaging comprised the largest portion of products deposited into landfills in 2005. A staggering 76.7 million tons of this particular type of waste accounted for 31 percent of the total municipal solid waste generated in that year alone.

Thermos’ reusable lunch kits and FUNtainers™offer parents a practical solution to this problem with ecofriendly options for lunches that will be as good for the environment as they are for their children.<

Tips on Packing a Waste-Free Lunch:

•Pack fresh fruits, vegetables or soup in reusable Thermos® FUNtainer™ food jars that will keep foods cold or hot for hours

•Send drinks in reusable Thermos FUNtainer beverage bottles instead of a can or juice-box

•Package lunches in reusable Thermos lunch kits to avoid excess waste

•Portion out bulk items like dried fruit and crackers into food jars instead of including individually-wrapped snacks

•Educate children about the importance of recycling, and encourage them to use the appropriate recycle bin for waste whenever possible

*Source: New York State Department of Conservation

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